Why Flat Feet Not Allowed in Army: Know the Answer in this Post!

So, you want to join the army! It is the dream of many people. Sadly, not a lot of people are able to realize the reality of such a dream. There are several inhibiting factors. For instance, the military is notoriously known for being picky with who it accepts, which is why you need to belong to the cream of the crop. Physical and mental skills are paramount considerations.

Unknown to many, there is one condition that will hinder you from being accepted into the military – flat-footedness. Now, before you complain that this is discriminatory, read the rest of this post and learn from the insights that we will be sharing on why flat feet not allowed in army. You will realize that the reasons are actually quite valid.

Reasons Why Flat-Footed People Cannot Join the Army

It is important to note that not all conditions of flat-footedness will make you ineligible for being part of the military. This will depend on the severity of the condition. In fact, it is said that only 3% of the total population with flat feet have a condition that can be considered as severe.

If you have symptomatic flat feet, this is when you are automatically barred from military service in the United States and Canada. This is a condition that can lead to chronic pain, which can have a huge negative impact on one’s capabilities to provide military service.

Even if the condition is asymptomatic, which means that it does not lead to severe pain, this does not mean that you can already join the military. The rules indicate that if you have to wear prescribed orthotics or shoe inserts, you will still be not allowed to be a part of the army.

To be part of the military, you will obviously have to go through rigid physical training. This is necessary to prepare you for your duties. You cannot be weak in the military. The rigorous training will include a lot of walking, climbing, and running, among other activities that could put pressure on your arch and can be painful when you have fallen arches. You also won’t be able to march properly.

If you have flat feet and if you want to play sports without complaining of pain and discomfort, wearing the right shoes will offer the perfect solution. With this, look for the top tennis shoes for flat feet! You may not be able to join the army, but this does not mean that you cannot play tennis!

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