How to Relieve Back Pain from Standing All Day: Tips and Tricks

We all know that standing all day has a lot of bad effects on the body. Among others, it is known as one of the most common causes of back pain. If you stand all day, the muscles will be under constant pressure, with some of them working harder than the usual. Your lower limb will also be fatigued. Your nerves may be pinched and circulation can be cut off. All of these things, among others, will contribute to back pain.

If you want to know how to relieve back pain from standing all day, read this quick guide and we’ll share with you some easy tips and tricks that will be worth considering.

Wear the Right Shoes

This is one of the easiest ways to prevent having a painful back as a result of standing all day at your job. Choose good tennis shoes for standing all day, and for sure, your discomforts will be minimized. The right shoe provides support and comfort to relieve the pressure on the foot. The important thing here is to have a footbed made of the right material. In some cases, you can just buy a shoe insert that you are comfortable with and use it with your regular shoe. The footwear should also be breathable. Improved air circulation will do a lot to make you feel more comfortable.

Change Position

Being in the same position for an extended period can be a cause of back pain. Whether it is sitting or standing, you need to take a break once in a while. Ideally, you have to do this for at least five minutes after every hour. When you change position, you can also take this as an opportunity to stretch your body, which will be vital in improving circulation.

Stretch It Out

There are several stretches that you can do for back pain relief. A hamstring stretch will work. Lie your back on the floor with your feet flat on the ground. Bend your knees gently. Slowly raise one foot while the other remains on the ground. Put your hands at the back of your knee as a support. Hold the position for about thirty seconds and repeat on the other side. You can also do the classic runner’s stretch if there is no space for you to lie down. Stretching will be effective in improving blood circulation.

Although it is technically not stretching, a deep squat will also work to prevent back pain when standing for a long time. Stand upright, making sure that the feet are shoulder width apart. Slowly sit down to assume a full squat position. While doing this, make sure that the upper body remains straight. As you squat, position the belly button close to the thighs. Relax, stand up, and repeat.

With the tips and tricks that have been mentioned above, back pain will never be a burden. Because you feel more comfortable, you will be more productive in what you do, even if this entails the need to be standing all day.

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