How to Exercise with Plantar Fasciitis: Choose your Routine Wisely

To stay healthy and fit, exercise is a must! However, what if you have plantar fasciitis? An inflammation of the plantar fascia can be uncomfortable and painful. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you can no longer have a regular exercise routine. Keep on reading this quick post and we’ll share some tips on how to exercise with plantar fasciitis.


This is a classic exercise that you can do even with plantar fasciitis. It is low-impact, which makes it a safe bet. With this exercise, the first thing that you have to do is to stand facing the wall. Place your two arms against the wall at the level of your shoulder. Place the right foot forward and gently bend your knee. While doing this, your right knee should remain on a straight position and your heel should stand firm on the ground. Hold the position for about 15 seconds and repeat three times. Do the same thing on the other side.

You can also do stretching exercises when you are on a chair. Grab a chair and sit with your back straight. Place a rolled towel or a water bottle on the floor and place your foot on the top of it. All that you have to do is to pull and push the water bottle using your foot, which will help in stretching the plantar fascia. You can also do this with a tennis ball underneath the foot.

Play Tennis

Tennis is a fun sport that develops the physical health in more ways than one. Luckily, even people with plantar fasciitis can dominate the court and show off their swings. However, it is important to read tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis review to know which footwear is best for you. Wearing the right shoes is important to minimize the strain on the heel.

Go for a Swim

If you would rather be on the water than a tennis court, swimming is a low-impact exercise that holds a lot of promise. The good thing about swimming is that you do not put much pressure on the plantar fascia, which makes it effective in providing relief. This is a great workout routine because it does not put additional weight on the foot.

Row, Row, Row your Boat

No, you do not necessarily need to have a boat to take advantage of this exercise. With a rowing machine, all that you have to do is to pull the handle, which will allow the flywheel to spin. Similar to swimming, you will not have to exert a lot of pressure on the foot, making it a good exercise. This will be a good workout for the upper body, especially for toning the arms. It is also good for your cardiovascular health.

Having plantar fasciitis is not an excuse for you to have a sedentary lifestyle. With the exercises that have been mentioned above, you can keep on moving without having to worry about suffering from debilitating pain.

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