What to Expect After Plantar Fasciitis Surgery – On the Road to Recovery

Have you tried every home remedy that is available for the treatment of plantar fasciitis and none proved to be effective? Are you beginning to lose hope? Now is not the right time to give up! There is still a chance for your condition to be solved. One of the most promising solutions would be a surgery.

A plantar fasciitis surgery has a success rate of up to 90%, which is why many people consider it as an excellent treatment option. Nonetheless, only roughly 5% of people with plantar fasciitis choose to have a surgery. During the surgery, the plantar fascia will be released. A lot are afraid because of the pain that they might feel during the surgery or the complications.

Read on and learn more about what you can expect after plantar fasciitis surgery. It is just like any other surgery, which means that there is nothing certain about the outcomes.

Pain Will Not Go Away Immediately

If you think that you can instantly walk and run the next day without complaining of pain and discomfort, you are wrong! Similar to other surgical procedures, it should be noted that recovery is not immediate. You will still feel pain.

The exact recovery time will actually depend from one patient to another, including the state of health and extent at which the doctor’s orders are followed. To be safe, however, it can be said that you will need at least three months to recover from the surgery. There are days when you will still feel pain, but after three months, expect that your plantar fascia will no longer suffer!

There are Side Effects

No doctor would guarantee that a surgery will not have any side effect. Even in the case of the surgery for plantar fasciitis, you need to be prepared for the side effects. To prevent complications, make sure to follow the surgeon’s instructions religiously. The plantar fascia can be ruptured and the heel can be reduced. There is also a likelihood of suffering from an infection if you do not execute proper care and maintenance to the wound.

You Cannot Immediately Go Back to the Daily Grind

Whether it is playing tennis, running in the park, or standing all day at work, expect that you cannot immediately go back to your normal routine after the surgery. You will be asked to rest your feet. If you engage in any strenuous physical activity, there will be a higher likelihood that you will be suffering from complications. You can go back to your usual walking routine only three weeks after the surgery.

Meanwhile, if surgery is not an option that you are considering as of the moment, here is a list of good tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis that you might want to consider buying. They will not only help you perform better on the court, but they will also help to ease the pressure on the plantar fascia, effectively minimizing the pain that you are feeling.

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