Top 23 Tennis Rackets in 2019 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

Are you struggling to find the best tennis racquets on the market?

Well, don’t struggle anymore because today we will be looking at 23 best tennis rackets ever.

To be honest, our team has spent a whole week to pull out the best options out there. Also, we’ve picked these racket based on user experience, features, specs, maneuverability, comfort level and price.

So, whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or a pro level tennis athlete, you are the right spot to find top rated tennis rackets in 2019.

23 Best Tennis Racquets Review

Without further ado, it is time to grab a cup of coffee and read through our comprehensive reviews.

Prince Textreme Warrior 100Prince Textreme Warrior 100

The first spot for the best tennis racket of 2018 goes to Prince Textreme Warrior 100 because of its incredible features and an all-rounder performance on the court. Serving with this racquet is pretty much fun and easy.

It has a weight of 10.6 ounce and head light balance, offering maximum maneuverability to easily snap at the ball.

Like most of the traditional rackets on the market, it comes with an open string pattern of 16 x 18 which not only helps in more power and control but also gives you a nice top spin.

Because your tennis racket needs to be versatile, you can rely fully on Prince Textreme. It delivers ample spin potential with some powerful ground strokes and serve returns.

It has a pretty solid feel and is an all-courter with a forgiving performance. Ideally this racket is perfect for the beginners, intermediates and advanced level players.


  • Large head size with a large sweet spot
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Comes strung with the perfect string tension of 50-60 pounds
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t include a cover for the racket
  • Less padding in the grip

HEAD 2017 Ti.S6 StrungHEAD 2017 Ti.S6 Strung

With a light weight profile and a large head, Head 2017 Ti S6 Strung is the best tennis racket for beginners. The first thing to notice is its extra-large head size of 115 square inch and 27.75-inch length which gives a big feel in the hands.

The moment you swing it, you can feel the power it transfers right off its string bed and into the ball. Even if you partially hit the ball, it will go through and land on the other side in a perfect stance.

Because the racket helps generate more power, as a beginner, you will get very easy maneuverability.

Also its large head size provides you with a large sweet spot. So, even if you don’t get to hit the ball at the center, you will still get a powerful shot.

Moreover, players who love fluid strokes with a long backswing and pretty much big flow through will benefit a lot from this racket.

Overall, it does a great job on the court and provides you with a perfect combination of large sweet spot, lightweight profile and power.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Plenty of power
  • Generate extra spin
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Too much power can make you lose control over your shots

Wilson WRT73451U Burn 100LSWilson WRT73451U Burn 100LS

Wilson gave a nice update to their Burn series and Burn 100LS is now one of their finest products on the market. It is extremely light in weight with some very cool aesthetics that gives it a nice and sleek finish.

The flashy textures all over its frame enhances the feel and design. This racket is a perfect match for tennis players who prefer a lightweight feel without sacrificing any of Wilson’s latest technologies.

Its frame has the Spin Effect Technology which is quite unique and really helps to add that extra spin potential in your shots.

Moreover, Wilson’s X2 ERGO technology, which is the longer handle not only increases the feel at the time of contact with the ball but also adds leverage on two handed backhands.

Overall, this racket is perfect for intermediate to advanced level players who not only prefer lightweight profile but a lethal combination of both power and spin in a single frame.


  • Unique Spin Effect Technology
  • Extremely durable, featuring Luxilon 4G
  • X2 ERGO Hand for added efficiency
  • Spin, power and control


  • Though advertised as pre-strung, a few users say it came unstrung from the manufacturer

Head Tis5 Comfortzone PerformanceHead Tis5 Comfortzone Performance

For a comfortable playing experience, Head Tis5 Comfortzone Performance is your perfect match. It is popular for the ComfortZone Technology which not only enhances its comfort but also makes the racket extremely comfortable to play with.

Even on those off center hits, you will get maximum power transfer. This ComfortZone technology also adds that extra pop on the ball with added acceleration in every shot. It also helps a lot in reducing string vibration and making your play style and ball transition very quiet and smooth.

Its Graphite/Titanium composite construction gives it a sturdy, lightweight and durable frame which has a bit of flex and is arm-friendly. The large 107 head size gives you a large sweet spot, thus increasing the accuracy of your shots.

Moreover, the SOFTAC grip just below the handle gives you a comfortable playing experience and nicely dampens all vibrations originating at the time of impact with the ball.

Overall, this racket is an ideal match for the beginner and intermediate level players who are looking to take their game to the next level.


  • Durable Graphite/Titanium composite construction
  • Large head size with large sweet spot
  • Comfortable grip
  • ComfortZone technology


  • No drawbacks

Wilson Six.One 95 18×20Wilson Six One 95 18x20

Wilson Six One 95 is known as one of the most iconic racquets and was launched by Wilson in Europe. It comes with a classy white and red hue which looks very appealing and will make the heads turn on the court.

It weighs only 332 grams when unstrung and has a head light balance which helps to add extra power in your shots.

When in hands, it is like a formidable weapon, especially if you are an aggressive player. There are plenty of iterations of this racquet that you can try. However, this one listed on our website is the new European edition with a classic, clean and sleek design.

Since it has a stiffer frame and a small head size of just 95, this racket is perfect for the advanced level players.

Its string pattern is quite dense which gives you extra spin and control with every swing. It also gives you the freedom to easily swing away and pinpoint your targets. The Amplifeel Technology nicely dampens the vibrations and give you a smooth transition when playing.


  • Small head size with more precision
  • Dense string pattern for spin and control
  • Amplifeel Technology for a comfortable playing experience
  • Durable and affordable


  • No drawbacks

Wilson Juice 100 UL Ultra-LightWilson Juice 100 UL Ultra Light

Wilson Juice 100 UL Ultra-Light is a beginner friendly tennis racket which has replaced and improve popular Wilson’s Juice line. Most commonly, this racket is known as the Swiss Army Knife because of its amazing performance on the court.

The best thing about Wilson Juice 100 UL is that it is an all-courter and won’t disappoint you. It features a head size of 100 which makes it perfect for the beginners. Because of large head, it has a wider and forgiving sweet spot which helps to increase the accuracy of your shots.

It is quite a well-balanced racquet, constructed from high-quality carbon fiber graphite and a special cushion foam handle which is integrated for maximum shock absorption and vibration dampening at the time of hitting the ball.

Also, weighing only 11.1 ounces really gives it that firm and nice feel that a beginner wants. If you are more of an aggressive playing, you will benefit a lot form its maneuverability, stability and power on the court.


  • Open string pattern
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Perfect combination of power, control and stability
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Overall it is a great racket but grip sizes are limited

Babolat Boost StrikeBabolat Boost Strike

Boost Strike is one of Babolat’s most popular models on the market. It is constructed from the highest quality materials which is suitable for tennis players of all level. It is a master piece in itself.

This racket is so lightweight, standing at just 280 grams, you won’t have any trouble swinging it on the court. Its lightweight profile really helps to deliver optimum power in your strokes and send the ball across the court.

If you love to increase the depth in your game, Babolat Boost Strike can definitely help you out. It offers plenty of power and comfort and remains very much consistent on the court.

Though it is not sensor ready and stiffness isn’t mentioned, still you will get a very smooth transition with this racket.

It is an all-rounder on the court, has got an even balance and comes with some cool aesthetics. Ideally this racket is perfect for all players. Majority of the Babolat’s racket range is suitable for all players.


  • Perfect racket for beginners and junior player
  • Large head size with large sweet spot
  • Comes pre-strung
  • Cool aesthetics


  • Perfect weight and string tension but doesn’t include a racket cover

Wilson 18×16 Blade 98SWilson 18x16 Blade 98S

Like its predecessor, the new Wilson Blade 98 S CV (18×16) racquet is designed for the highest level of spin and comfort.

Equipped with Spin Effect technology, which facilitates effect shots by increasing ball rotations, and the Parallel Drilling system, which returns most of the impact kinetic energy to the ball.

Wilson’s Wilson Blade 98S 18×16 tennis racket weighs an average of 294 grams. With a balance of 330 mm, the tennis racket is also well balanced. The profile is 21mm, giving the Wilson Blade 98S 18×16 a balanced compromise between acceleration and control.

The Wilson Blade 98S 18×16 tennis racket is therefore mainly suitable for tournament players with a long swing and a fast surcharge movement.

Majority of the users felt the “countervail difference” of the Blade 98 16×19 CV from the baseline, as everyone noticed the more subdued feel, resulting in a very comfortable and stable feedback. The open 16×19 string pattern offers a beautiful mix of power, control and spin, allowing our team to play their full repertoire of basic strokes.

Some test players also mentioned the weight of the frame, especially on the club neck and head. This resulted in great stability and simple depth, but also made it a little difficult to maneuver (if you are a player who prefers lighter clubs).

Our team liked the stability and control of the Blade 98 16×19 CV on the net. Due to its weight on the club head, the club usually held up very well even against hard hitting opponents.

The open 16×19 string pattern provides a forgiving sweetspot and great spin potential, allowing our players to bring beautiful volleys to the court.

The dampening feel of the Countervail technology was obvious – some of the testers liked the softer feel of the game while others felt it made them feel too distant from the ball when bouncing.

Blade 98 16×19 CV serves were controlled and with a lot of spin, but all our testers found a noticeable lack of power when they really wanted to “pull through”. It was very effective to vary speed and spin and to get the opponent off balance during a setback.

However, there were problems generating speed with stronger impacts. The high swing weight of our test club could be the reason for this, as it makes moving the club over the head a little more difficult.


  • Spin Effect Technology for more top spin on shots
  • Features Parallel Drilling for a consistent and forgiving response
  • Braided graphite and basalt construction which gives it the durability
  • Lightweight and arm-friendly


  • More spin sacrifices some power

Wilson Burn FST 99Wilson Burn FST 99

One thing all test players could quickly agree on: The Burn FST 99 can be swung very fast. With all shots the club could be swung and maneuvered extremely fast. This way, we always got the club into the optimum stroke position, even with fast rallies. The comfort is also surprisingly high, considering that the racquet with a frame hardness of 72RA is actually rather hard. The relatively thin frame of the racquet made it possible for the racquet to give way in exactly the right places and thus to cushion the impact well when hitting the ball.

However, the opinions of our test team were quite mixed with other characteristics of the club. Some found the power great, others wished for more. Some liked the subdued feedback, others thought they couldn’t really feel the ball. But if you prefer modern tennis, have a fast swing movement and are looking for a tennis racket that is comfortable and forgiving, then you should definitely try the Burn FST 99!


  • Perfect for intermediate and advanced level players
  • Dense string pattern for more spin
  • Affordable price
  • Great combination of power and control


  • No drawbacks

Wilson Ultra 103SWilson Ultra 103S

A racquet for the typical All-court players who hit from every corner of the court. The Wilson Ultra series is characterized by easy swinging, a lot of power, great maneuverability and a high degree of comfort.

Feliciano Lopez was the first Prif player to introduce the Wilson Ultra 100 on the tour.

The rackets from the Wilson Ultra series are processed in the graphite frame construction with carbon fiber, so that a power-loaded playing feeling is created. The oversize head provides good spin characteristics and the power of the club can be controlled very well via the spin. A comfortable racquet handling and a special parallel drilling technology (the strings dampen more vibrations) provide comfort.

It is characterized by its enormous spin potential. So even technically less experienced players can dominate the opponent with spin and power.

The Wilson Ultra 103S also features Spin Effect technology. It is the latter that gives it excellent potential in terms of effects. The power generated by the racquet is related to its composition and more specifically the use of high performance carbon fiber in the frame.

Its relatively light weight (290g) makes it accessible to a large number of players, while its 16×15 string planb enhances the racquet’s ability to deliver impressive spin and incredible ball speed on your best centered shots. In short, a handy racquet, accessible to a large number of players, which makes the game easier.


  • Large head size
  • Large sweet spot
  • Ample of power and feel
  • Spin Effect Technology


  • Expensive

Prince Textreme Warrior 107TPrince Textreme Warrior 107T

Besides the Prince Phantom Series, the Warrior Series rackets for advanced beginners and especially for tournament and team players are of particular interest for the 2018 tennis year. At first glance, Prince’s Warrior rackets offer great potential for power and spin.

The new, extremely thin high-tech carbon fibre is a very interesting material for tennis rackets: as used in Prince’s TXT Warrior rackets, for example, in the shaft and heart area, it brings the typical advantages of a rigid frame (stability, control, power). Unlike a conventional stiff racquet, the Textreme racquets are comfortable and playable without the slightest compromises!

To put it straight: With the Textreme Warrior series, Prince has achieved a truly impressive combination of power and control. All rackets in this series are really fun and can also be played at higher speeds. When the speed increases, it is the very good spin potential of these rackets that helps. Because otherwise our test players tended to overpower quickly


  • Flexible
  • Stable
  • No vibrations
  • Open string pattern for more control


  • Comes poorly strung

Head LiquidMetal 4Head LiquidMetal 4

Head LiquidMetal 4 combines all the characteristics of a good racket which helps to improve your skills on the court. It is designed for the ultimate control and power on the court.

It has a large sweet sport and comes with built-in comfort technology that makes the entire playing session extremely comfortable and smooth.

A great thing we noticed is the extra spin it generates right off its string bed.


  • Great for the strong intermediate players
  • Tennis Magazine Editor’s choice
  • Large sweet spot
  • No shox dampening system
  • Extremely comfortable


  • No drawbacks

Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS LITEWilson Pro Staff 97 LS LITE

Exceed your limits, make the performance last, overtake your opponents and put yourself in the spotlight on the court thanks to this model using the cosmetics of Roger Federer’s racquet.

Developed in collaboration with the master Roger Federer, this black snowshoe with its sleek design offers new tactile sensations thanks to 9 layers of paints alternating gloss and matt finish for an unprecedented result. The shiny, soft black in the center of the frame highlights the Pro Staff’s ability to quickly penetrate the air to attack each ball. The rougher black base, on the other hand, emphasizes the ability to enter more difficult phases of play.

The combative players and strikers will recognize themselves in this model with its meticulous details such as the exclusive laser marking, Roger Federer’s face and signature inside the frame or a premium quality Wilson finishing ring.

This racquet adapted to a large panel of intermediate to expert players proves to be relatively easy to play for a control type racquet and is the most powerful racquet in the Pro Staff range.

The 290 g (unstrung) well balanced (32.5 cm) make this racquet very maneuverable which will allow to gain in reactivity on exchanges in rhythm or on the fly and to accelerate easily the head of the racquet to gain in game speed.


  • Lightweight racket
  • Adds accuracy to your shots
  • Provides more stability and power
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Too much lightweight. You may need to add a bit of weight with plowthrough

Prince Lightning 110Prince Lightning 110

If you are really looking to take your game to the next level, Prince Lightning 110 can definitely help you get better at your skills.

It has an oversize head with a very responsive sweet spot which increase the accuracy of your shots.

Weighing only 10.22 ounces, it is probably one of the light weight rackets designed for the intermediate level players.

Overall, it helps to generate extra spin on the shots and provide maximum control over your shots.


  • Extra-large head size with large sweet spot
  • Weighs only 10.22oz when strung
  • Head light balance
  • Open string pattern


  • Comes unstrung

Head Graphene XT Radical MPHead Graphene XT Radical MP

The Head Graphene XT Radical MP weighs 295 grams unstrung, as the previous model, which is a relatively light weight.

Therefore, in the Head Radical range, Head does not offer racquets weighing 300 grams because we then go directly to the Head Graphene XT Radical Pro which weighs 310 grams unstrung.

The balance point is located at 32.5 cm, which is average, even very slightly at the head.

In any case, I found the racquet very maneuverable in all areas of the game, whether in the baseline, on serve or on the fly.

The racquet is powerful but still “control” oriented.

I wouldn’t recommend it to players who want a racquet that’s very easy to play, you need to have a baseline attacker game to enjoy this racquet.

You can hit well in lift, with a good power and a good control.

On hitting, the racquet produces a very clear, pleasant sound.

The 16×19 string pattern is slightly tightened in the center of the racquet to increase control and is a little more open at the edges for comfort and forgiveness.

The sieve size is 630cm², which is medium / a bit small, it’s another feature that makes the Head Radical MP a powerful racquet but also having a good control.


  • A perfect racquet for intermediate players
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Used by tennis pro Andy Murray
  • Comes strung and in a ready to use condition


  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case

Yonex EZONE DR 100 PlusYonex EZONE DR 100 Plus

With the growing popularity of the EZONE range, Yonex hopes to seduce players with the new Yonex EZONE 100 (300g). Taking up the EZONE DR 100, this version is loaded with new technologies and proposes a new Isometric frame.

The brand also reworked the eyelet system by integrating Micro Offset Layout technology, a graphite Hyper Modulus (Hyper-MG) material was integrated into the upper part of the frame to create a more powerful response and Quake Shut Gel Air technology was added to the handle to provide better shock absorption.

The TW testers were really eager to get on the court to try the EZONE 100 (300 g). From the start, they appreciated its stability and controllable power in the baseline and at net. On their return of service, our players were able to be aggressive thanks to the stability and impressive spin potential this racquet offered them.

Most of them noticed a slight stiffness when they hit the ball on the upper part of the string. Our team thus found a more powerful answer but had to observe a small period of adaptation.


  • Advanced version with more technological innovations
  • Extended length for better control
  • Made for intermediate to advanced level players
  • Affordable


  • No drawbacks

Wilson 18×20 Blade 98Wilson Blade 98 18x20

With the new Blade 98 18×20, Wilson makes this already popular gameplay racquet an even better version! Each expert rated similar, but better, performance than the previous model.

The new woven graphite-basalt frame coating provides a softer feel and improved response, which has allowed our experts to feel more connected to the ball. They also found the sweet spot to be slightly more generous and forgiving, and noticed less twisting on off-center hits.

Although the tight string pattern provides incredible precision, it also sacrifices the ability to produce a lot of effects on baseline shots and serve lifts. Overall, this is a very impressive new version, which will be perfect for players looking for a frame with traditional sensations combined with modern power and forgiveness.

Once again players appreciated the Blade 98 18×20’s precision and handling, but most of them would have liked a little more power and easier access to spin.


  • A perfect racket for aggressive players
  • Impressive power and control
  • Constructed with braided graphite and basalt construction
  • Enhanced flex


  • Not arm-friendly

Yonex EZONE DR 98 PlusYonex EZONE DR 98 Plus

Launched for the first time in 2012, the EZONE 98 has had three different versions: the Xi, the Ai and the DR. The 2017 version of the EZONE 98 succeeds the EZONE DR 98 which was a unique and modern racquet reminiscent of Babolat Pure Drive but offering a better ball feel on impact.

For our TW testers, this new version is not as comfortable as the DR: it is much firmer, especially on the upper part. On the positive side, the majority of the team was able to play effectively thanks to the EZONE 98 (305 g). Although it poses a bit of a control problem, this racquet offers more power and spin than the previous version, making it more dangerous on powerful hits.

The best marks for this racquet were awarded to the services on which the racquet split the air with power on contact to allow them to reach their targets. However, the EZONE 98 (305 g) will not suit everyone. Some players will enjoy the more damped feel of the DR, while others will prefer the firmer, more powerful response offered by this new version.


  • A great update to EZONE DR.
  • Extended length for more power and better swing
  • Impressive action and smooth transition
  • Perfect intermediate to advanced level players


  • No drawbacks

Yonex G3 EZONE DR 1003Yonex G3 EZONE DR 1003

Yonex is the name of quality and G3 EZONE DR 1003 is one of their finest products on the market.

It gives you a ferocious blend of power, control and spin in a single frame with a very easy maneuverability.

This racquet has got the stability that a tennis player needs and performs exceptionally well on the court.


  • Adds 7% more speed to ball
  • Places a firm power even on off-center shots
  • Quake shut gel technology for shock absorption
  • All-rounder


  • Slightly expensive

HEAD Graphene XT Radical LiteHEAD Graphene XT Radical Lite

The Head Graphene XT Radical Lite (260g, 660cm², 16/19), little sister of the Radical S, is an easy to handle, rather control type frame, and very powerful on touch shots (2e/9). Accurate (2e/9) and stable, it is perfect for players with flat or covered hits, who like to build their points in variations.

With correct spin access, but better in slice than in lift, this racquet is for beginners at the end of the 4th series who need a versatile frame that can channel their power. Note that over time, this frame can prove to be a little wearing (unstrung inertia – 281 kg.cm2).

Easy to play and extremely maneuverable, this Radical racquet is the ideal choice for all beginners and will allow you to climb the ladder. In this version, the Radical benefits from GRAPHENE XT technology.  More power for less effort. Get ready to discover a generation of racquets that will transform your game. From the moment you play with a racquet equipped with the GRAPHENE XT, you’ll never want to do without its natural power again.


  • A great racquet for the beginner players
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Standard string pattern and length
  • Four grip sizes to choose from


  • Comes unstrung

Wilson Burn FST 95Wilson Burn FST 95

One thing all test players could quickly agree on: The Burn FST 99 can be swung very fast. With all shots the club could be swung and maneuvered extremely fast. This way, we always got the club into the optimum stroke position, even with fast rallies. The comfort is also surprisingly high, considering that the racquet with a frame hardness of 72RA is actually rather hard.

The relatively thin frame of the racquet made it possible for the racquet to give way in exactly the right places and thus to cushion the impact well when hitting the ball. However, the opinions of our test team were quite mixed with other characteristics of the club. Some found the power great, others wished for more.

Some liked the subdued feedback, others thought they couldn’t really feel the ball. But if you prefer modern tennis, have a fast swing movement and are looking for a tennis racket that is comfortable and forgiving, then you should definitely try the Burn FST 99!


  • Unique design
  • Great for big hitting baseliners
  • Delivers some blasting groundstrokes


  • No drawbacks

Babolat Pure Drive 25Babolat Pure Drive 25

The Pure Drive Junior 25 racket is a racket specially designed for children. In the test, the high-quality tennis racket from Babolat convinces with a low weight of just 230g and easy handling. The junior racket has a narrow grip that is ideal for children’s hands.

With a length of 63.5cm and a head size of 645cm² junior players can deliver a perfect game and have a lot of fun with it. The Babolat Pure Drive Junior racket is perfect for children between the ages of 9 and 12.

The Babolat Pure Drive Junior racket has a child-friendly yet professional design so that even the youngest can feel great. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and the use of only first-class materials, a junior player will certainly have a lot of fun with this children’s tennis racket. The price-performance ratio of the Pure Drive Junior racquet is excellent.

For little money you get a tennis racket of the best quality, with which a junior player can feel completely comfortable. The perfect combination of light frame and child-friendly dimensions makes the Pure Drive Junior racket the perfect racket for beginners as well as small professionals. The racquet has been specially designed to suit as many levels of play as possible.


  • A nice racquet for 9-10-years old
  • Stable and easy to use
  • Arm-friendly
  • Large head size and sweet spot


  • Has a bit of stiffness in frame

Head Intelligence iS12Head Intelligence iS12

Head Intelligence iS12 is known to deliver insane amount of power in your shots. It is perfect for aggressive players and those who are looking for some compact swings with insane amount of energy and control.

It smashes the ball for extra speed and despite its old frame design, it is still the lightest tennis racket on the market.


  • Comes pre-strung
  • Designed for maximum ball speed
  • Extremely light weight. Only 8.1 oz. when strung
  • Large head size of and extended 28-inch length


  • Its extra lightweight profile sacrifices control

How to Choose Good Tennis Racquets

While your skills matter a lot on the court but the tennis racket you choose can add that punch of perfection and excellence in your game. Here is what you need to consider when buying a tennis racket.

Head Size

Tennis racquets usually come in the following head size ranges:

  • These are smaller heads with small sweet spot and made for the advanced level players. Also known as the midsize head
  • The mid-plus sized racket which is perfect for the beginners, intermediates and advanced level athletes
  • Oversized rackets especially designed for the beginners who have just started playing tennis. They have a large sweet spot with more accuracy
  • Super oversized head size with an extra-large sweet spot. These rackets tend to be heavier because of their large head

Head Heavy (POWER) vs. Head Light (Control) Ratio

I you are a beginner; I would recommend choosing a head heavy racket for extra power because you won’t be able to generate too much power from your swings only.

Experienced players should go for head light or the one which has an evenly distributed ratio. These rackets are easier to handle and are able to absorbs shocks quickly.

Head light rackets also help to generate extra spin and are pretty easy to maneuver on the net.

Grip Size

Most of the rackets have a standard grip size but here are the ones you’ll come across:

  • 4 1/8 = 1
  • 4 ¼ = 2
  • 4 3/8 = 3
  • 4 ½ = 4
  • 4 5/8 = 5

Where 5 is the largest grip size. Grip sizes 1, 2 and 3 are usually best suited to juniors and women. Men tend to rely more on the 4 and 5 size category.


So, that’s it tennis freaks. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. It is your turn now to pick the best out of the best.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and do leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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